DIALECTICS - Selman Trtovac & Radoš Antonijević (Serbia)
Exhibition of paintings & sculptures

16 - 30. November, 2009.

Opening: 16.11.2009. at 19h
Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Radoš Antonijević and Selman Trtovac are artists which belong to the same generation. Regardless the fact, it is interesting that they studied in different time and at different places, that is they grew and were shaped differently. In spite of that, there are many elements – artistic, philosophical, social and historical – that deeply connects them and gives meaning to their mutual idea to present their work in the same space under the title Dialectics. [...]

    STEP OUT 4! (NNN+P)
Exhibition of Nemanja Nikolić & Nemanja Petrović

20.09 - 05.10.2009.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
Selector: Milan Bosnić

Annual group exhibition of young, anonymous artists. There have been 4 group exhibitions up till now, presenting 27 young artists. [...]


Flavia Muller Medeiros, Jantine Wjinja, Žolt Kovač, Raimundas Malasauskas & Gareth Spoor, Flora Whiteley & Darren Banks, Superhero X, J&K, Johnny Amore, Clodagh Emoe, and the sketch book

Curator: Catherine Hemelryk

15. - 25.06.2009.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Exhibition of the artists trying to show that art has superpowers as it can conjure the impossible into being and create situations that may otherwise not have come to be. This project is a platform for presenting some feats of artistic practice, but also key to it as a space for participation, for visitors to come and make something happen. [...]

Fashion Show

07. - 17.05.2009.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
The project was included into the program of the Night of the Museums on May 16th, 2009.

Outside Project of the Belgrade Center for International Studies of Art presents artistic exchange between Florence and Belgrade in the form of lectures, workshops and exhibitions of numerous artists, historians and art theoreticians. As a part of the project, a fashion show Morphosis: Soft presented clothing made of recycling materials. [...]


Hana Rajković, Milica Crnobrnja, Milica Milićević, Vera Večanski

Curators: Saša Janjić & Miroslav Karić

11. - 21.04.2009.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Exhibition of 4 young artists whose primary form of expression is a drawing. Specific women handwriting in which we recognize the return of intimacy and exceptional sensitivity is a complete contradiction of current trends. [...]

  PHOTOMORGANA - Milenko Vasić (Serbia)
Exhibition of photographs

11 - 21.04.2009.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Milenko Vasić belongs to the middle generation of Serbian photographers. He exhibited in over 40 exhibitions in and out of the country (Serbia, Greece, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania...). He won numerous prizes and awards. He’s works have been published in many domestic and foreign magazines, books, on the internet... He is a member of the oldest Serbian photo club Belgrade, in which he was an executive board director. He is also a member of the Serbian Association of Photographers, where he gained a title of first category F.A. He lives and works in Belgrade. [...]

International group exhibition

17. - 31.03.2009.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
Organizer: Photon Gallery, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Host Organizer: ProArtOrg

Photonic Moments is an annual group exhibition which tends to present recent photographic production of the countries from the region. For the 4th year now, the exhibition presents the works of the artists of younger and middle generations. [...]

  CONNECTING TO SITE >>> - Milica Milićević (Serbia)
MA exhibition of paintings

21. - 30.04.2008.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

The systems of values that are being imposed to us have yet again divided the space on the basis of qualitative difference, but now those parts that are dominant in quality, ‘strong’ and ‘more important’ are marked by shiny, glowing, neon commands that blink in different colors: EAT! PLAY! SHOP!. Those are the temples of the consumer society which dominate in the urban landscapes in the form of cubic constructions of immense space of shopping malls and cold, sharp edges of modern factory complex that call to new religion. [...]

International group exhibition

August - November 2007.

Bratislava - Žiline - Prague
Organization: NGO Nada & ProArtOrg

For several years now one of the most frequent terms of various European application documentation are the word Equal opportunities, seen in context of equalization on the level of sex, ethnicity, rase, and generally democratic principle of consideration, respect and co-existence. Ivana Moncolova (curator, art historian, NGO NADA) and Milan Bosnić (artist, president of ProArtOrg) decided to make an exhibition completely based on those principles and exhibit it in several European cities. [...]

Group exhibition

June, 2007.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Exhibition of art works and documentary materials on the problem of the relation between private and public space in contemporary Belgrade. [...]

Exhibition of photographs, video works, and an installation in city

13. - 27.06.2007.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
Organization: French Cultural Center & ProArtOrg

Jeanne Susplugas (1974. Montpelier) belong to a younger generation of French artists. She gained popularity with her video works and photographs. Her artistic position and social consciousness are visible in seemingly simple compositions from the series of photographs Made in Japan. The artist reflects on the world as on a Diseased house, on the world of disconnexion in which the concept of health is a domain and a fetish of Western obsessions, revealing to us the whole brutality of the world empire of antidepressants. [...]

Solo exhibition

May, 2007.

Magacin - 8
Organization: French Cultural Center & ProArtOrg