Magacin u Kraljevića Marka (Warehouse in Kraljevića Marka Str.) is a project of the Belgrade Youth Center iniciated in 2007. Based on the call for applications for artistic associations and organizations which work in the field of culture and art, 5 associations and organizations have been chosen. They were given this space of the Belgrade Youth Center for the preparation and realization of cultural and artistic projects. The space, about 1200 m2 in size, includes offices and exhibition space. Organizations that work in Magacin at the moment: ProArtOrg, SEEcult – Portal for South-East European Culture, Station – Service for contemporary dance, iCA - Independent Cultural Association, TkH - Centre for Performing Arts Theory and Practice, and Rende Publishing House.

Exhibition space has 3 levels. Currently only the ground level is in use, 190 m2 in size. It consists of the big open exhibition hall, and 2 smaller closed video rooms (space No. 6 in the architectural scheme).


Magacin u Kraljevica Marka
Kraljevica Marka 4
11000 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia

magacin scheme