Exhibition of Nemanja Nikolić & Nemanja Petrović

Annual group exhibition of young, anonymous artists. There have been 4 group exhibitions up till now, presenting 27 young artists.

The necessity for this kind of exhibition first of all lays in the need for democratization of Belgrade artistic space. Young artists, at the beginning of their exhibiting career, are not in a position to present their work timely and in a right way. Usually without the knowledge on the ways to impose to the curators and institutions, they abandon the art world disappointed, soon after their studies, without getting a chance to present their potentials. In this way, the society loses dozens of young artists every year. Artists chosen for these exhibitions are those who had exhibited little or none, and that are thus completely unknown to the wider audience, though in quality of their work and talent they did not deserve it.

Our selection is first of all based on the knowledge of the artist and art works, which is the grounds for any deeper analysis of the art pieces and artist’s poetics, contrary to the trend of ’supermarket’ exhibitions made by module and catalogue. The diversity in the expression is shown here as an element of boundlessness and potential democratization of artistic expression. In other words, presented authors work in different media, from painting and drawing to video, photograph and installation.

Milan Bosnić & Mihael Milunović