International group exhibition

August - November 2007.

Bratislava - Žiline - Prague
Organization: NGO Nada & ProArtOrg

For several years now one of the most frequent terms of various European application documentation are the word Equal opportunities, seen in context of equalization on the level of sex, ethnicity, rase, and generally democratic principle of  consideration, respect and co-existence. Ivana Moncolova (curator, art historian, NGO NADA) and Milan Bosnić (artist, president of ProArtOrg) decided to make an exhibition completely based on those principles and exhibit it in several European cities.
Three Equal Opportunities exhibitions have been held:

August 2007. Open Gallery (Bratislava)
September 2007. Stanica-Záriečie (Žiline)
November 2007. Gallery „C2C/La Fabrika” (Prague)

Artists from Slovakia

Ilona Nemeth
Ildiko Palova
Gordana Zlatanović
Michal Moravčik
Radovan Čerevka/Boris Sirka
Lucia Tkačova / Aneta Mona Chisa Sirka
Paulina Fichta Čierna

Selector for Slovakia

Ivana Moncolova

Artists from Serbia

Arion Aslani
Mihael Milunović
Milica Milićević / Milan Bosnić
Miloš Dimitrijević
Nemanja Antanasković

Selector for Serbia

Milan Bosnić