Fashion Show

07. - 17.05.2009.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
The project was included into the program of the Night of the Museums on May 16th, 2009.

Starting 2005. the project OUTSIDE of the Belgrade Center for International Studies of Art presents the possibility of high quality student and expert exchange in the field of art and art education between Florence and Belgrade. It is being realized according to the Protocol on cooperation signed by signed by the Cities of Belgrade and Florence, as well as by universities / academies from both cities. The project includes direct collaboration with institutions of art education, galleries and cultural centers. Since 2002, the Outside programs have received support from the Serbian Ministry of Culture, the City of Florence - Department for Public Education, the City of Belgrade - Culture Department, Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade and other governmental and non-governmental entities. The project promotes the importance of international experience in art education, and is dedicated to research of urban identities through workshops, seminars, and meetings with the artists, theoreticians, and activists of different cultural and social orientation. The Outside Project has included a production of significant exhibition projects and publishing. The Center is a member of ENCATC (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers).

Participants of the this year’s Outside project are numerous local and foreign artists, historians, and art theoreticians, among which Zoran Erić (MSUB), Rena Raedle, Elisa Biagini, Nikola Suica, Marina Marković, et al. The lectures and workshops, as well as the final events, are realized in Magacin.

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Morphosis: Soft

Clothing made of industrial waste, car tires, disposed electronics, nylon and plastic packaging, is displayed in the fashion show Morphosis: Soft in one hour spectacle of motion light and sound. This fashion show is a result or art workshop realized within the Outside projects by Professor Angela Nocentini from Florence. This event was organized for the third time in Belgrade, each year with a specific combination of materials. This time the accent was on rubber (pneumatics) and electronics. In line with clothing, a creation of collective sculpture from these materials was planned. The basic concept of this workshop, whose participants were numerous art students from Italy and Serbia, was to point out through the creative recycling process to the existence of great energy and material potential of the waste we produce every day: what we usually consider trash are the materials that could produce new economic and aesthetic values by intelligent usage. The project Morphosis: Soft is dedicated to the continuous adjustment and changes which happen in the relation of body and environment. Financial and logistic support in the creation of clothing from electronic and rubber waste was provided by the companies BIS Recycling and Centar Boban Pored. Along with the fashion show, the works of the students involved in this year’s Outside Project were exhibited. The author of the Outside project concept is an artist from Belgrade and Florence, Dejan Atanacković.