Exhibition of photographs, video works, and an installation in city

13. - 27.06.2007.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
Organization: French Cultural Center & ProArtOrg

Jeanne Susplugas (1974. Montpelier) belong to a younger generation of French artists. She gained popularity with her video works and photographs.

Her artistic position and social consciousness are visible in seemingly simple compositions from the series of photographs Made in Japan, which reveal conciseness of emotions and body that are turned into a symbol. The artist reflects on the world as on a Diseased house, which is the title of one of her works, on the world of disconnexion in which the concept of health is a domain and a fetish of Western obsessions, revealing to us the whole brutality of the world empire of antidepressants.

After numerous exhibitions in France, USA, Japan, and Germany, Jeanne Susplugas presented herself for the first time to the Belgrade audience with a series of photographs, video works, and one installation in city.