CONNECTING TO SITE >>> - Milica Milićević (Serbia)
MA exhibition of paintings

21. – 30.04.2008.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

The systems of values that are being imposed to us have yet again divided the space on the basis of qualitative difference, but now those parts that are dominant in quality, ‘strong’ and ‘more important’ are marked by shiny, glowing, neon commands that blink in different colors: EAT! PLAY! SHOP!. Those are the temples of the consumer society which dominate in the urban landscapes in the form of cubic constructions of immense space of shopping malls and cold, sharp edges of modern factory complex that call to new religion. There buildings of mass consumption and production are based on the same model of cosmological ideas according to which a people organize their space, splitting it into more or less qualitative, defining center and the world around it.

I have tried to show through my work how much the contemporary world is inspired by cosmological ideas and symbols of archaic man in organization of space, reflecting on the idea that the dieing off of ‘religions’ by no means implies the dieing off of ‘religiosity’. ‘Profane’ character of certain behavior that once was secret does not represent discontinuity: ‘profane’ is just a new manifestation of the same continuous structure of man which manifested itself before through the expressions of ‘secret’. Mythology is being disguised into spectacle!

Milica Milićević