DIALECTICS - Selman Trtovac & Radoš Antonijević (Serbia)
Exhibition of paintings & sculptures

16 - 30. November, 2009.

Opening: 16.11.2009. at 19h
Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Radoš Antonijević and Selman Trtovac are artists which belong to the same generation. Regardless the fact, it is interesting that they studied in different time and at different places, that is they grew and were shaped differently. In spite of that, there are many elements – artistic, philosophical, social and historical – that deeply connects them and gives meaning to their mutual idea to present their work in the same space under the title Dialectics.

That title Dialectics (gre. dialegomai – talk, dialectics; phil. Science about the movements of thought through contradictions which, during the process of thinking, are being reconciled), is a term to which the two artists came to through the contemplation about art, mutual confrontation with deep contradictions, neuralgic points of our time. In the grounds of everything lays an existential need to come to a strong artistic form which has a deeper meaning of existence and exhibiting.

Works of Radoš Antonijević Cross - cage - cradle, Miracle in Manila, Aya Sofia, etc. And works of Selman Trtovac Dining Tables, Love Ballads, Red Little Fez Granny, Spiral of Fear, etc. Point to the same theme that preoccupied both artists in different ways. Themes, that is questions of identity and paradox that comes out of these questions, reading of history, political question of art and its role today, the question of humanism and values today, the question of coexistence of people by dialectic principle, are questions and in the same time maybe the only possible vision towards which both artists strive.

Procedures of truth (art, love, science, and politics) are central questions that a famous French philosopher Alain Badiou poses in his philosophy. Radoš and Selman in the same time, completely independent and intuitively take the same position through an artistic language, the position which is, in fact, universal and which was always present in the world of art.



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